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Enhance Care Delivery

Revolutionising NDIS Services is a game-changer for NDIS providers, offering a suite of tools specifically tailored to enhance their operations.

We focus on customising to revolutionise the way NDIS services are managed.

Our solutions are designed to improve service delivery, enhance client relationships, and simplify administrative tasks.

By integrating into your NDIS service, you’ll experience a significant boost in efficiency and effectiveness, leading to better outcomes for both your team and your clients.

We've Built Solutions For:

Improve your processes, productivity and profit

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Enhanced Work Management A Game-changer for NDIS Providers

Participant Management

Efficiently manage client information, appointments, and service plans, ensuring personalised care.

Compliance Tracking

Stay on top of NDIS compliance requirements with streamlined tracking and reporting.

Team Coordination

Enhance team collaboration and communication, leading to better service delivery and staff satisfaction.

Improve Your Processes and Productivity

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Optimise Your Processes

Are you processes seeming clunky and outdated? Has your tech-stack evolved into a monster? We'll streamline and optimise your processes.

Build Out Your

A done-for-you service. We'll take you and your team through a robust mapping process, then will build and implement your solutions.

Training and Ongoing Support

We'll train your team with custom video tutorials, onboarding processes and ad-hoc support. The adoption rate for is incredible.

Save time and avoid the headaches of going it alone

We're here to ensure you get the most out of

We’re here to ensure you get the most out of Proper understanding of the platform, it’s capabilities and experience in building solutions that actually realise the goals of an organisation is essential to making sure your team sees the genuinely incredible capabilities of for improving processes and management. 

Get streamlined processes

Elevating NDIS Service Standards

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does support NDIS providers? offers a central platform to manage client data, service delivery, and compliance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Absolutely, it’s scalable and can be customised to fit the needs of any size provider. adheres to stringent security protocols to protect all client data.

From their website directly:
‘As users of our own product, we understand how important the security and privacy of your data is.

As well as all data being encrypted and backed up hourly, we also track all the latest security community outputs, promptly upgrade our services to fix new vulnerabilities and constantly make sure we are using the latest technology available.’

Stridr offers comprehensive training to ensure your team maximises the platform’s capabilities for your NDIS services.

It simplifies compliance tracking and reporting, making it easier to adhere to NDIS standards.

Certainly, we provide ongoing support to ensure seamless operation and maximised benefits.