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The Importance Of Branding

Branding is all about clarifying your message that you want to send out into the world, and what perceptions and images you want the world to see you as.  Without strong branding backing up your claims, evidencing the company’s reputable image, you cannot ensure that your business’s marketing efforts will result in stability. ⁠Think about the effect that a messy or lacklustre brand with a lack of consistency will do to your immediate perception of the brand. Imaging, themes, mottos, consistency, frequency of engagement etc. all play a vital role in ensuring your brand is not only relevant and up to date, but holds a decent reputation. At the end of the day, humans – therefore brands – are prone to judgement. A brand’s reputation is so very important for the stability of the business.⁠ It takes work to stay on brand, and not be forgotten or left behind.

How Vital Is Branding?

You wouldn’t read a book that didn’t have you following a story. It is vital that your brand has a credible narrative that showcases your values and offerings to customers.

Clarity, Identity and Storytelling

We work with you to whittle down what your core messaging is, what your values are, and what is important for you to communicate to your audience. Your narrative, your story, is the basis for your brand.

If you need to create a visual identity, or simply a brand refresh, we will be here to help you at any stage you’re at. From a design perspective, we can create logos, a brand style guide (colours, themes, typography, and guides on how to use them appropriately) and brand assets etc. We find you a slogan, and ensure that your narrative is clear and memorable.

Lastly, you will need content produced (and consistently) for your digital platforms. We can create a bundled package of three months worth of content, sent to you to be used at your disposal.

The Three Steps In Building Your Brand

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Develop Your Brand

We will work closely together to clarify your messaging, discover your identity and tell your desired narrative

Maintain Consistency

Rest assured that you can maintain a strong and consistent brand after working with Stridr.