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Work Management Solutions - Built in

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Optimise Your Workflow Solutions For Construction Marketing Teams HR Teams Sales Teams Operation Managers Real Estate  Event Management NDIS Businesses Solutions
Construction Marketing Teams HR Teams Sales Teams Operation Managers Real Estate  Event Management NDIS Businesses

Time for Better Systems? Or Need a New Website?

Transform your business with enhanced processes and automations

At Stridr, we specialise in providing tailored, efficient, and automated solutions to businesses. Our robust capabilities, powered by, help streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide clear organisational control.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Navigate Complexity with Confidence

Ensure your solutions maximise impact, but don't cripple with complexity.

Turn Aspirations into Achievements

Leverage so you and your team constantly know what's needed and where you're at to actually realise your goals.

We've Built Solutions For:

Improve Your Processes and Productivity

Here's How We Can Help

Optimise Your Processes

Are you processes seeming clunky and outdated? Has your tech-stack evolved into a monster? We'll streamline and optimise your processes.

Build Out Your

A done-for-you service. We'll take you and your team through a robust mapping process, then will build and implement your solutions.

Training and Ongoing Support

We'll train your team with custom video tutorials, onboarding processes and ad-hoc support. The adoption rate for is incredible.

Revolutionise Your Workflow

Get streamlined processes

Make running and managing your business and team simple, efficient and clear. Better systems means a better business. Step away from clunky, inefficient and dated systems and start using the Work OS powering both small businesses, and some of the world’s largest!

Sound like a big process? Don’t worry – we’re here to make getting better outcomes easy for you.

Ready for Better Systems?

'Tick Off' Step 1: Contact Our Team

Eliminate the hidden costs of inefficient processes

The termites to your productivity and profit!

As Partners, we develop solutions for businesses that allow for increased visibility, breakdown of silos, effective OKR tracking and live reporting dashboards.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, emails and confusion, in 2024, great organisations use Let us help you develop a world-class solution that ingratiates new levels of productivity and synergy across the teams and businesses you lead. 

Adelaide Experts

Get the Most Out of

Build Right the First Time

Doing the heavy lifting on the front end of a project will make a massive difference. We have a large list of questions that allows us to extract critical infrastrucinfrastructureutre requirements before we build out a solution.

Get a Solution Faster

Rather than purchasing and spending 6 months or more half-building solutions that don't actually move the needed as much as required, our team sprint to getting a solution ready for you, then once it's being used, we take the time to tailor it based on real feedback from your team. All in all, massively compressing time to outcome.

Maximise Impact

We know and we know what it can do. This means we can look at your business, how it works, and ensure we squeeze as much out of on your behalf as possible. You'll genuinely be amazed and you'll wish you'd had made the move sooner.

Get Professional Support

Powerful Solutions - No Matter the Industry

Increase visibility across all construction projects

A better way to manage your HR

Scale your franchise business efficiently

Ensure your business remains compliant and profitable

Effectively manage and launch campaigns

No matter the industry, can help you

How to Maximise ROI on


We meticulously analyse your business needs, goals, and workflow to design a tailored solution that aligns with your vision.


We'll systematically implement the tailored solution, ensuring seamless integration with your business operations for immediate productivity gains.


We'll work alongside your team to monitor and assess the performance of the implemented solution, gathering crucial data to measure its effectiveness and impact on your business.


Leveraging insights from the evaluation phase, we make strategic adjustments to optimise the solution, ensuring it evolves with your business for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got another question? Reach out to our team and we’d be happy to help answer it! is a versatile work operating system that enables teams to manage projects, workflows, and everyday work efficiently. Stridr specialises in integrating into your business, customising it to fit your unique needs and ensuring your team is fully trained to maximise its potential. offers a range of project management tools that streamline task tracking, collaboration, and deadline management.

We work with your team to set up and optimise these features, making project management more efficient and transparent.

With, you can create custom CRM systems that track client interactions, sales pipelines, and customer feedback.

Stridr assists in building a CRM solution that’s not only effective but also intuitive for your team to use.

By using as your Work OS, everything becomes simple, clear and easy to navigate. 

You need better visibility to make decisions, will give you that. 

You need to save time from manual tasks, automations can make that happen. 

Yes, can integrate with many existing tools and software. Stridr can assist in seamlessly integrating these applications with, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.

Stridr provides comprehensive support for users, including initial setup, customisation, training, and ongoing technical assistance, ensuring you get the most out of the platform.

Getting started with Stridr and is straightforward. Contact us, and we’ll arrange a consultation to understand your needs. Then, we’ll work through the process of planning out, setting up and tailoring your workspace and provide training to your team.


Or, if you just want a free trial of to try out, click here